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Nov. 14th Show Venue Changed to Starlight Ballroom

The November 14th final (indefinitely) MJ Project show has changed venues. Instead of playing at the 941 Theater, we are now playing at the STARLIGHT BALLROOM, in Philadelphia, PA, located at 460 N. 9th St. - $5.

An important announcement from MJ Project

Hi all. We don't want this to get too drawn out, or too ridiculously dramatic, but the message contained here is actually very much on the heavy and serious side. It's something the four of us have discussed for the past few weeks and really thought through long and hard, and we've come up with the following special announcement: In a totally amicable and "leaving the future open for who knows what" fashion, MJ Project is basically taking a big, uncertain step back. We hesitate to use the term "breaking up" because as we all know, there will almost definitely be opportunities in the future during which we'll have the chance to play again and experience what we’ve shared with you, our fans, friends and families, since high school. The better way to describe it is, due to various things going on in all four of our lives, we've decided that the best decision right now is for us to focus on other things besides MJ Project. That's about all we can really say about it right now.

We would like to emphasize how much we've appreciated the love and support we've received from every single person who has ever been involved with us, whether you attended one of our shows, listened to one of our recordings, thought someone wearing one of our shirts just looked cool... However you have connected with us at all since we've been together, it has meant more than the world to us the entire time. Every single show has left us wanting to stay onstage and play more, knowing that such a great and accepting audience was always out there taking it all in. Thank you, thank you, THANK you again, from the bottom of our hearts.

All that being said, we don't know what the future holds beyond announcing these three final confirmed shows. Yes, these are the last opportunities for you to see us for at least the next several months, but possibly ever: one in New York for all you Big Apple kids, one in West Chester for the Philly-area folks, and one HUGE show in Philly at the 941 Theatre in November, for EVERYONE! Because that will certainly be our big blow-out show. You can even expect to see exciting and awe-inspiring sets from our side projects at the 941 show, to give you a taste of what to look forward to...

Thank you again. We hope that you all can understand and help us make these three shows killer experiences for everyone.


Tour Dates
  • Saturday, Novevmber 14th - 10PM

    Starlight Ballroom - 460 N. 9th St.
    Philadelphia, PA
    With DJ Sonkin, Sonic Spank(Ben & Ian) and Game Boy(Paul)

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